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Severe Duty Root Grapple rake


Condition: Brand New 

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Clear out and load or pile heavy logs, tree stumps, thick roots, boulders, and large piles of brush with McLaren Metal's Severe Duty Root Grapple. Our grapple is designed for heavy duty commercial use. Storm clean up, land clearing, tree removal, and logging become easy tasks with McLaren's Severe Duty Grapple Root Rake. Maximum strength allows you to move the most massive and irregularly shaped loads with ease. Our tooth to tine opening is the largest in the industry. The grapple bucket also comes with replaceable bucket teeth. Reinforced superstructure to take on the most brutal jobs. 

  • Available sizes:  68", 76", and 86" 
  • High Strength Steel
  • Reinforced Steel Tines
  • Double-reinforced extra-large square tubing main frame
  • 3000 psi hydraulic cylinders 
  • 5600 psi hydraulic lines
  • Ideal for clearing, demolition, and heavy-duty clean up of heavy material including boulders, logs, tree trunks, and large brush piles
  • Top quality steel make our grapple one of the strongest, most versatile grapples in the industry. It will exceed the lifting capacity of the skid steer machine it is used on
  • Superior rake design allows you to glide over the ground, raking and cleaning the surface while releasing the dirt in your load. Perfect for clearing and recommended for handling logs and brush.
  • Greater pinch and carry ability
  • Optimal spacing allows unwanted dirt to fall between tines, making it easy to shake out dirt from stumps and brush
  • Superior longevity with replaceable heat-treated wear-resistant teeth 
  • Serrated bottom tines to better grip logs and stumps 
  • Tighter clamp closure for superior grip
  • Longer teeth provide greater carrying capacity
  • Greasable pivot points reduce wear