Heavy Duty Stump Bucket (non-hydraulic)

Condition: Brand New 

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Pry up, dig, and haul out stubborn stumps, roots, and large rocks with McLaren Metal's Heavy Duty Stump Bucket. McLaren's Stump Bucket is the widest stump bucket on the market. The large wide stump bucket allows you to cradle large stumps and debris without the need for a hydraulic grapple. The wide stump bucket also clears Palmettos, underbrush, bushes, shrubs, and vine masses with ease. The bucket is designed with extra heavy steel to easily clear trees up to 6" in diameter. Stumps of any size in diameter can be dug up with McLaren's Heavy Duty Stump Bucket. Our grapple isdesigned for the most powerful of skid steers and attaches effortlessly. Maximum strength allows you to move the most massive and irregularly shaped loads with ease.


  • 5/8" reinforced backplate for the most robust design on the market
  • Top quality steel make our stump bucket the heaviest, most effective, versatile and rugged stump bucket on the market
  • Pries up old fence posts, removes sidewalks and asphalt, and digs ditches 
  • Reinforced mounting plate handles large loads with ease 
  • Serrated sides slice through even the toughest roots
  • Superior longevity with heat-treated wear-resistant replaceable bucket teeth
  • Angled fulcrum point gives greater leverage while prying
  • Curved bottom extracts rocks effortlessly and can reach deep under stumps, while serrated side teeth cut and rip roots 
  • Extra-long teeth delivers maximum leverage & breakout force