Heavy Duty Dozer Blade



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McLaren has designed a heavy-duty Dozer Blade different from your traditional 6-way blade. McLaren engineers have made a heavy-duty blade that is more rigid and stronger than most skid steer dozer blades at a much lower cost. McLaren severely reduces the cost of the dozer blade by removing the central pivot point. For light duty dozer operations such as snow removal, 6 way blades are perfect for the job. However, when pushing down small trees, cutting and stripping hard dirt or virgin ground and making deep angle cuts for ditches a superior rigid blade is required. McLaren's Dozer Blade can handle 3x the impact and load of a typical 6 way blade while costing less than half the price. McLaren's Dozer Blade is a 4 way blade that tilts to make heavy angled cuts. Completely loading the left or right side of the blade is never a worry when using our dozer blades. Perfect for land clearing, grading, backfilling, and ditching. 

  • Available sizes: 74", 84", 96"
  • High Strength Steel
  • 19" Blade Face
  • 3000 psi hydraulic cylinder
  • 5600 psi hydraulic line 
  • Severe Duty Sub-frame for maximum strength
  • Clears land and dirt with optimum performance and durability at less than half the cost
  • Ideal for construction and landscaping markets: 
    1. Land clearing: push down trees up to 4" in diameter with ease 
    2. Level, excavate, pile or grade loose dirt, gravel or sand
    3. Cut platforms into 2-1 slopes
    4. Sculpt landscape areas
    5. Create runoff grades
    6. Backfill around foundations
    7. Angle cuts for ditching
    8. Grade on slopes
    9. Blade design enables dirt to roll easily 
  • Ease of maneuverability adds to speed and versatility, accomplishing tasks that would otherwise require dedicated equipment